About Maple & Main

Welcome to Maple & Main, a passion project born from a deep-rooted love for local communities and the heartbeat of small businesses. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create a hub that celebrates the bustling energy and diverse tapestry of enterprises thriving along Main Streets and Maple Avenues across the nation.

At Maple & Main, we believe in the power of connections—connecting people to the hidden gems nestled in their neighborhoods, connecting entrepreneurs to a broader audience, and connecting communities through shared experiences. Our platform isn't just a directory; it's a celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship, a tribute to the stories woven into every storefront, and a commitment to supporting the backbone of our towns—the local businesses that give them character.

We're passionate about fostering a sense of belonging, championing inclusivity, and empowering the dreamers and doers who drive our local economies. Our mission is simple: to make discovering, supporting, and celebrating small businesses as easy as a stroll down Main Street.

Join us in our journey as we shine a spotlight on the vibrant array of local ventures, each contributing its unique flavor to the streets we call home. Together, let's build stronger communities, one business at a time.